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Performing Arts Tours 

How does one define the term “success” when it comes to a performing arts tour program? We have a few key benchmarks:

  • Making the director’s life as easy as possible.
    Directors have a whole different level of challenges before they even leave home! With this in mind, we seek to do everything humanly possible to make the pre trip planning on our side as simple, time efficient and painless as we can. Experience allows us to anticipate many needs of the director and provide timely reminders to avoid those last minute panics.

  • An audience!
    Nothing rewards months of rehearsal like a large and appreciative audience. While nobody can absolutely guarantee a full house, we have a tried and tested arsenal of strategies to put bottoms on seats.

  • The right venue.
    We will consult with you to work on precisely the right mix of venues for your group; the summer evening piazzas of small Italian towns, the castles of Germany, high schools in Scotland, England’s magnificent cathedrals or sing mass at one of Rome’s great basilica. Then there is the broad range of festivals which dot the European landscape in the Spring and Summer months.

  • Support on the ground.
    Your star cellist forgets her bow. The lead guitarist breaks his last string an hour before the show. The tuxedo needs a tailor quick! A time like this is when you appreciate making the decision to tour with Select Travel all those months ago.

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