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A word about the founder...

Leona Meadows founded Select Incentive Group Travel office in South Africa in 2002. The company began trading exclusively to schools for educational tours mainly to Europe and has since expanded to offer a wide variety of travel and tours to corporate's and individuals as well as conferencing services and spectacular events around the world. 

"Select is an expert in experiences, in creating unbelievable and
enriching memories. To travel is to live and we want to create
that journey with you." 

Leona is incredibly passionate about her company and traveling. This passion is captured by her hands-on service and attention to detail. Whether you are planning a corporate conference in the Philippines, a yoga retreat in the mountains of India or a beautiful beach wedding in Cape Town, Leona's immense dedication, efficiency and focus will ensure that every detail is covered and clients will be provided with an unforgettable experience.  Leona has the ability to befriend any person with her tenacious and outgoing personality. She is an inclusive leader and creates an ideal example for all those in her organisation.

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